SEU - Georgian National University

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About SEU


The Mission of Georgian National University SEU is to: 

Create an internationally recognized academic environment that is centred on students and their success in a high-quality modern setting that stimulates learning, teaching and research and thereby provides the opportunity for everyone to achieve their full potential and prepares competitive and highly qualified specialists for the labour market.

Providing education based on the principles and values of the European Higher Education Area and using innovative and flexible approaches to respond to the different needs and demands of all students and society, anticipating trends and focusing on quality improvement is the constant goal of SEU.

The Vision of Georgian National University SEU is to:

Be a prestigious and value-based university serving society through high-quality education and research, putting personal development at the core.

Our core values are: 

Academic freedom  Excellence   Integrity   Social responsibility Fairness Respect Dedication Patriotism

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