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The goal of the Institutional Research Fund (IRF) is to improve research funding mechanisms, stimulate and support the development of innovative projects, and assist SEU staff and students in the preparation and management of research activities and projects.

The IRF not only funds core research, but also provides support opportunities to help professors attract external grants, better disseminate research results, and enhance research skills.

The Fund will fund two types of scientific grant projects:

  1. Preparatory grants for research development;
  2. Grants in support of scientific research activities

Preparatory grants for research development are:

  • Initiation of scientific-research and innovative projects and preparation of proposals, elaboration and development of new ideas, drafting of innovative proposals and development of a concept;
  • Initiation of pilot research projects to successfully find external research grants in the future;
  • Planning and elaboration of cooperation-scientific projects with public and private sector practitioners, creative industries;

Grants supporting scientific research activities are:

  • Scientific development activities, including short-term scientific visits to other universities or research institutes in Georgia and abroad. Also, production of joint projects with partner higher education and research institutes and so-called Industrial fellowship;
  • Dissemination of research results, financing/co-financing the publication of journals and monographs, as well as research skills training to increase the capacity of researchers;
  • Attending scientific events, conducting trainings and seminars aimed at improving skills in successful project application preparation; grant management and reporting management;
  • Preparation of intellectual property results, their alleged patenting and commercialization;
  • Dissemination of research results through active participation in national and international scientific conferences.
  • The Institutional Research Fund aims to encourage the development of innovative, inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research ideas and to assist such research with sustainable financial support, it will encourage academic staff to succeed in research and assist them in successfully receiving research grants.
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