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Student self-Government

Goals and objectives of student self-government

The goals of the student self-government are:

  • Development of student level of professional training and creative activity;
  • Diversity of student life;
  • Student participation in SEU daily activities;
  • Protection of students' legal rights;
  • Promote student self-realization and independent thinking;
  • Prepare proposals and recommendations for SEU management bodies in the direction of the organization and quality of the learning process;
  • Maximum support of university integration in the European educational space and students' participation in the process ;

Student self-government is entitled to: 

  • Organize meetings, training, intellectual games, literary, sports, cultural, entertainment, scientific activities;
  • Student self-government cooperates with the university, government and non-governmental organizations as well as associations, state and international organizations;
  • Students' self-government can establish a union with student organizations and international student unions of higher education institutions of Georgia and abroad;

Management bodies of student self-government are:

  • General Assembly;
  • Departments;

Charter of Student Self Government

Tel: : 2 90 00 00 / 77
Mobile: 558 78 78 07
Email: [email protected]
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