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European Integration Research Center

About the Centre

European Integration Research Center is the scientific research structural unit of the Georgian National University SEU, which operates in the interdisciplinary field and aims at the facilitation and support of the research and study process of European Integration in Georgia.

The European Integration Research Center unifies the professors, academic and invited personnel of the Faculties of Law, Business Management and Humanitarian Sciences working at the University, who conduct sectoral, interdisciplinary or comparative studies with regard to European Integration.

The Center was founded in 2020 and since then it has been conducting active research works. It is the supporter of the irreversible process of Georgian Europeanisation and in parallel with the European Integration efforts of the country, it is the supporter of such research activities, which must serve as the basis for the future Georgian-European Scientific Cooperation.


  • Conducting of scientific studies on the European Integration, as the legal, economic, social and historical event;
  • Conducting of the studies related to the European issues on the basis of interdisciplinary vision;
  • Conducting of the scientific studies on the issues related to Europe, problems of practice and the issues that are topical in society;
  • Generalization of the study outcomes and preparation of proposals with the aim of improving of the legislation of Georgia;
  • Facilitation of the European Integration in the country pursuant to the EU-Georgian Association Agreement and other strategic, legal documents.


  • Implementation of interdisciplinary and sectoral research projects, based on both – university and external funds;
  • Equal participation of young and experienced researchers in research activities;
  • Spreading and availability of the research outcomes, for university students and for other interested parties;
  • Demonstration of the research outcomes in various study disciplines and their implementation.


  • Cooperates with state authorities, non-governmental, international organizations and research institutions;
  • Cooperates with foreign study and research institutions;
  • Participates in national and international projects, or implements them itself. Periodically conducts international and national conferences, seminars and workshops intended for the demonstration of the research outcomes of the institution.
  • The Center conducts research within the framework of the thematic research project.

Regulations of the European Integration Research Center

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