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The student clubs are established in order to satisfy different needs and interests of students. The goal of the club is to create connections, broaden skills and study the elements of the university life. It is one of the best means for the development of knowledge and practical skills.

In each club the students have various opportunities to gain experience in terms of leadership, communication, problem solution, management, priority setting and other directions.

Our student clubs offer you various activities, which promote creativeness, innovativeness, enrich student experience and create diverse means. Participation in the clubs can influence your career development and employment.

The clubs vary according to their goals and activities. They can implement ideas and SEU promotes the achievement of goals and the development of clubs.

Advantages of the registered clubs:

  • Right to apply for funding;
  • Opportunity to post information on the club in the list of activities on the website of the university;
  • Contact information of the club will be provided there as well ( email for each club);
  • The right to present in the name of the University
  • The right to conduct events and find sources for funding;
  • Advertising of the organization activities, promotion of spreading of information;
  • Using the campus area;
  • Opportunity to use the technical equipment of the University.

Project Funding FormClub Rating Assessment SchemeClub Rating Assessment SchemeStudent Club Regulations

Contact the Career Development and Alumni Relations Office for more information at:

Cricket ClubClub of PsychologyClub of BusinessClub of TourismClub of DiplomatsClub of SolidarityLawyer's ClubStudents on the Road to the EUMedia ClubLiterary ClubSecret Club

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