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Rule of students' enrollment in the undergraduate program

A person with full general education is entitled to study an undergraduate or one-step program that has a document certified by the state or certified equivalent document, which, based on the results of the Unified National Exams, obtain the right to study and pass administrative registration in the SEU.

Administrative registration of applicants is carried out in the terms set by the Rector by the order.

Documents required for administrative registration are:

  • Statement;
  • The original certificate of full general education (certificate);
  • Copy of ID card;
  • 2 photos 3X4, along with electronic versions;
  • Document confirming the presence of military registration (for persons subject to military registration only).

After the completion of administrative registration, an order of the Rector is issued about the enrollment of entrants.

A person who is not entitled due to the failure of administrative registration has the right to address SEU with the request of enrollment from the issue of the rector's order until the first of June of the following year. In this way, a person’s enrollment in  SEU excludes the possibility of using obtained state education grants.

Rule of enrollment without unified national exams

Studying without passing Unified National Exams for an undergraduate and one-year program at SEU Study is permissible:

  • For foreign country’s citizens and for a person without citizenship, who got full general or equivalent education on abroad;
  • For Georgian citizens who have received full general or equivalent education in foreign countries and have learned the last 2 years of full general education in a foreign country;
  • The university conducts interviews for those, who wish to obtain the right to study without passing unified national exams to determine the knowledge of the language with the program and provides availability of the interview for the Ministry via video recording.
  • For Georgian citizens (except students participating in the joint program) who have been living abroad for less than 1 year, for a specified period by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia (hereinafter-Ministry)  have studying/studied and received credits/qualifications in a foreign country recognized by the legislation of this country.

Enrollment in the Foreign Language Program

Students' access to SEU's foreign language program is defined following additional preconditions:

  • Students enrolled in the Unified National Exams will be obliged to pass the relevant foreign language exams on the Unified National Exams and will determine the limit of competence in the exams that will be reflected in the program.
  • Persons enrolled without Unified National Examinations are obliged to submit a certificate of foreign language knowledge competence to get the right to study on the program or to pass a university examination, to determine the level of competence in a foreign language.
  • Compatibility of the International Certificate with the level of language competence required by the program is determined by the following scheme;
  • Confirmation of A2 level language communication competence is considered: Cambridge English Key (KET), PTE General Level 1, PTE Academic 30-42;
  •  Confirmation of B1 level language communication competence is considered:  Cambridge English Preliminary (PET)б BEC Prelim, IELTS 4-4.5, TOEFL iBT 57-86, TOEIC 550, PTE General Level 2, PTE Academic 43-58, Trinity ISE I
  • Confirmation of B2 level language communication competence is considered: Cambridge English First (FCE), BEC Vantage, IELTS 5-6.5, TOEFL iBT 87-109, Michigan ECCE, PTE General Level 3, PTE Academic 59-75, Trinity ISE II
  • Confirmation of C1 level language communication competence is considered: Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) BEC Higher, IELTS 7-8, TOEFL iBT 110-120, TOEIC 880, PTE General Level 4, PTE Academic 76-84
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