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Letter from the Rector

Dear friends,

Yes, I address you as friends, because if you become a student of Georgian National University SEU, I am sure, the years we have to spend together, will be friendly, interesting, useful and fruitful.

Although SEU is a relatively young university, it has established itself locally and internationally as an academic institute providing a high quality of teaching and learning relevant to the curriculum.

We strive to make progress and create the ideal learning environment by investing in the latest infrastructure and attracting experienced academic staff.

Education at SEU means high professional status and career opportunities. Our graduates are ready to compete in the world of their chosen profession. It is important that SEU is among the "Top 5" universities in Georgia in terms of graduate employment.

Our educational philosophy is to provide students with the knowledge relevant to the requirements of the 21st century and to equip them with the skills necessary for their qualification not only to compete but also to succeed.

To do this, we focus on developing students' professional knowledge, skills, and values based on free and critical thinking, which are essential for future careers so that they can adapt to changing environments, make important decisions, creatively approach modern challenges and contribute to our country's development.

SEU's ultra-modern campus offers a dynamic, safe and high-quality learning environment.

We support your physical and personal development, for which you are invited to unite and organize sports, and intellectual, creative activities that suit your interests.

We promise knowledge of European standards, exchange programs at the most prestigious educational institutions in the world, internships, masterclasses and, most importantly, an exciting and adventurous student life. All of this is a prerequisite for your successful future.

Our door is open for both Georgian and foreign students.

We wish you a student experience at SEU that you will always remember with a smile and full of happy memories and long-lasting friendships.

Finally, let me note - SEU is a big family and we want you to be a member of this amazing family too.

Looking forward to meeting you at SEU!

Gia Kavtelishvili

Founder and Rector of Georgian National University SEU

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