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Strategy and Goals

The main goal of the scientific-research strategy of Georgian National University SEU is to deepen the research conducted at the institutional level with a positive impact not only on Georgian National University SEU, but also on the economic and social development of Georgia in general.

The major precondition for SEU to become one of the leading higher education institutions in the country is the deepening of research activities, strategic reinforcement and diversity.


SEU supports and manages its research activities in line with its strategy. The Vice-Rectorate for Research and relevant offices are coordinating all research activities across the university. In order to comprehensively and systematically support research activities, SEU has established an institutional research fund (IRF) that provides funding for proposals strengthening research on a competitive basis.

Research Projects and Grant Competitions

Grants to be prepared for research and/or research development are:
a) Initiation of scientific-research and innovative projects and preparation of proposals, elaboration and development of new ideas, drafting of innovative proposals and elaboration of a concept;
b) Initiation of a pilot research project to successfully find external research grants in the future;
c) Planning and elaboration cooperation-scientific projects with public and private sector practitioners and creative industries.


Plagiarism covers all texts/phrases/ideas/research data that a person uses in their own work without citing the author and/or source.

The source is considered to be a book, article, guide, blog, as well as material that has not been published but belongs to a specific person.

Useful Information

To provide a high scientific rating, researchers, academic staff and higher education institutions must be active, constantly conducting research and publishing their papers in the international scientific arena.

Georgian National University SEU has already been registered on the international scientific social network site and EURAXESS portal. Registration on this portal allows the researcher to seek a grant, make professional contacts and directly connect with the host/employer scientific or academic institution.

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