Conference paper performance standards



In order to participate in the Conference, the applicant must present the Scientific Work and Resume (Abstract)



Resume format:

Resume volume is 100-250 words.

Resume should be submitted in Georgian and English languages.


Rules for presenting the article:

Scientific papers are accepted in Georgian or English languages;

Volume of the article: at least 6 and a maximum of 15 pages;

The title should be in Georgian and English languages;

Key words should be mentioned in Georgian and English languages;

The structure of the article should include introduction, body paragraph and conclusion;

The name, surname, academic degree of the author (authors) must be brought in original and English languages;

The bibliography (list of used literature) should be presented together with the article.


Rule of writing the article:

Resume and work must be presented in compliance with the following parameters:

  • font - Sylfaen;
  • Size: Titles (Title Name, Participant's Name, Surname, Name of Educational Institution, Academic Degree, Position) - 14 Bold; Basic text – 12;
  • Interval 1,5;
  • Page boundaries - 2,5 from all sides.
  • Graphs, charts, diagrams, etc. - format TIFF 300 dpi; 600 dpi,
  • Formulas must be typed in Microsoftequation 2.0 (2.1.).