Examination Center

 The SEU Examination Center (hereinafter - the Center) ensures organization and implementation of the examination process envisaged by the educational program, in accordance with objectivity, transparency and academic principles

The objectives of the Center are:

  • Development and introduction of the unified examination system in the University;
  • Raising the quality of learning.
  • Organizing mid-term and final / additional examinations at the university;                                                      
  • Organization of Master's Degree entrance examinations at the University.

Examination Center within its competence:

  • Elaborates regulations and guidelines regarding the examination process;
  • Requires all kinds of information from the faculties related to mid-term and final / additional exams, as well as examinations in the master's degree;
  • At each semester, after completing the academic registration, publishes the schedule for the mid-term and final / additional exams.
  • Makes decisions regarding conducting of the exams, publishing the results of the examination and the appeals in accordance with the established rule;
  • Determines the rules for development of exam paper;
  • Reviews complaints received on procedural issues of conducting the examination;
  • Withdraws from the lecturer examination papers and checks them through the Commission of Appeals;
  • Monitors students' registration for the electronic midterm and final / additional exam results;
  • Makes a decision to revise the results of the examination, the creation of an Appeal Commission and in case of positive appeal, on cancellation of the exam results
  • Conducts examination process, results analysis and based on the results, prepares recommendations for the Rector.
  • Exercises other rights and obligations under the legislation and the administrative-legal acts of the Rector.