Office Documentation and Registry Service


 The Office Documentation and Registry Service ensures the turnover of the University documents, registration of the received documents, electronic processing of documentation and archive of the organization's documentation, as well as the relevant data in the registry of educational institutions


The competences of the Office Documentation and Registry Service includes:

  • Processing of the documentation created by the University structural units, using the forms of the University correspondence and their delivery to the addressee;
  • Registering received documents and forwarding to the implementing body;
  • Monitoring the timeline of document turnover;
  • Administration of electronic document turnover program;
  • Registering the forms of educational documents and educational documents, keeping issuance journal, implementing process of form removal and writing off.
  • Placing the information about persons enrolled in the educational programs in the registry;
  • Entering the data of the University academic staff into the registry;
  • Entering information about suspension, termination and restoration of student status in the registry;
  • Monitoring the accuracy of registry entries
  • In case of changing the circumstances, which was the basis of the entering information into the registry, carrying out relevant changes in the registry;
  • Issuing relevant reference, based on the information recorded in the registry;
  • Registration of electronic versions of the Order of awarding students' qualifications and relevant educational documents.
  • Entering the information regarding the mobility process in the registry of educational institutions