Human Resources Management Service

 The Human Resources Management Service aims to: provide SEU with highly qualified and motivated personnel, conduct personnel management policies at university, monitor staff's compliance with position (positions) held, constant development of staff in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organization in order to maintain/train highly qualified personnel compliant to modern reality, to raise employees' motivation and satisfaction, to create and develop relevant selection, assessment and motivation systems according to the best modern practice and to ensure the development of employees' personal files management system;


 Functions of the Human Resources Service are:

  • Attracting qualified human resources, organizing / managing the selection / recruitment process in accordance with the goals and objectives of the organization;
  • Administration of personal files of employees;
  • Management of relationships related to employees' activities and issuing relevant documents;
  • Establishment of personnel reserve from the best candidates as a result of the competitions, initiating and organizing the necessary measures for improvement of existing staff, improvement of staff qualification;
  • Preparing / updating job descriptions and instructions;
  •  Study the needs of staff training, preparation of a training plan, agreeing this issue with the management and organization of the trainings;
  • Developing / implementing / updating employees' assessment and reporting systems;
  • Developing / updating the systems for material and non-material motivation of staff; Planning and implementing relevant activities for this purpose;
  • Organizing the evaluation system for the work done by the staff;
  • Discussion the labor relation issues raised by the employees and relevant response;
  • Organizing activities for team work including development of informal relationships among the employees;
  • Management of possible conflict situations among employees;
  • Planning the necessary measures for ensuring safe environment for employees;