Culture and Sports Development Service

SEU's Culture and Sports Development Service ensures coordination of extra-curricular sports and creative activities of the students, cares for development of sports at the University as well as promotion of healthy lifestyle and support for successful athlete and art, organization of creative student’s support, creative and sports events.

Culture and Sport Development Service (further referred as Service) ensures:

  • Organization of sports and creative events, engaging students and staff in creative activities, popularize sports;
  • Reviewing cultural projects and developing recommendations on their implementation or non-implementation;
  • Improving planning of next projects by assessing implemented projects and their results;
  • Promoting cultural-creative activities at the University;
  • Organizing sports and creative events, engaging students and staff in creative activities. promoting sports;
  • Organizing sports and exercising infrastructure;
  • Preparation of compulsory documentation for sports tournaments and submission of applications to the organizing committee;
  • Preparation of registration applications for the University teams, filling out the forms and preparation of other requested documentation;
  • Selection of players for the team together with trainers;
  • Supplying the team with the equipment needed;
  • Preparing all documents in accordance with the requirements of the tournament organizing committee and the consular service of the country concerned, including travel tickets, travel insurance, upon the request of the European University Council;
  • Managing the budget of cultural and sport events, analyzing financial expenses and needs and searching for sources of funding.