Financial Service ensures management of the accounting and financial statements as well as planning and control of financial resources, deals with the University settlements, procurement and other processes related to financial turnover of the organization.


 The Financial Service shall carry out the following tasks:

  • AConducting accurate accounting of SEU financial and accounting data;
  • Carries out timely accounting with the budget and SEU staff;
  • At the end of each quarter, prepares regarding the financial position of the SEU and submits to the Rector;
  •  Performs reporting of cash deposits and issuance according to purpose;
  • Analyzes the costs of the salary fund and expanses of structural units;
  •  Submits to the Head of Administration the list of students with financial debts;
  • Upon request of the Rector opens settlement and other accounts in banks;
  • Ensures monitoring of financial relations between the University and students;
  • Executes the decisions made by the Rector.

Financial Service (hereinafter - Service) is accountable to the Director and the Rector of the University


The Financial Service is composed of Chief Accountant and accountants