Liana Kavtelishvili

Liana Kavtelishvili

                                          Head of Administration

Head of Administration is appointed and dismissed by the Rector;

 In case of absence of the Rector, Head of Administration fulfils the duties of the Rector;

Head of Administration :

  • Manages the SEU Administration;
  • Establishes the SEU structure and submits it to the Rector for approval;
  • Prepares draft Orders within the scope of competence;
  • Controls any issues related to mobilization of the tuition fee;
  • Manages the functions defined by the Chancellery (Office Documentation Service) activity;
  • Monitors execution of correspondence by SEU structural units;
  • Controls the University's internal regulations
  • Controls the activities of the units in the administration.


 The Head of the Administration keeps SEU's seal, facsimile and documentation.

The Head of the Administration is assisted by the SEU's employees in the execution of the functions assigned to him.

Structural units responsible for university resources protection and offering university services are under the supervision of the Head of the Administration