Service for Relations with Employers, Students and Graduates

 Service for Relations with Employers, Students and Graduates has the following competences:

  • Support and development of career services for SEU students and graduates;
  • Coordinate and develop cooperation with civil, private and public sectors for this purpose;
  • Relations with employers;
  • Communication with SEU Students and Graduates
  • Relations with students, student initiative groups, student organizations, support and coordination of student projects and innovative initiatives;
  • Organizing exchange projects and summer practical activities for SEU students and young specialists;
  • Conducting surveys on specific issues and providing the results of the survey to SEU management;
  •  On behalf of SEU planning joint activities with government agencies, private and non-governmental sectors;
  • Within the scope of the Service competently cooperating with professors and teachers, SEU scientific circles, receives relevant recommendations, proposals and so on;
  • Facilitation of the SEU integration in the European educational sphere and maximally ensuring students' participation in this process, as well as establishing close relations between Georgian and non-Georgian students