Competences of the Education Process Management Service are:

  • Controlling and leading SEU's educational process according to the Rector's instruction and guidance;
  • Preparation of the tables of lectures, intermediate and final exams;
  • Monitoring the progress of the study process;
  • Submitting information to the Financial Division provided by each academic staff on the number of hours held during the semester;
  • Ensures preparation of diplomas for the graduates;
  • Preparation of annexes of diplomas;
  • Execution of decisions made by the Rector.

Education Process Management Service (further Service) has the Head and Education Process Managers, who are appointed and dismissed by the Rector.

Head of Service is accountable to the Rector and implements his functions imposed by the Law and given Statute.

Head of the Service:

  • Leads and manages the Service;
  • Distributes functions and obligations among Service personnel, gives them instructions and guidance;
  • Submit reports on the work of the Service to the Rector;
  • Advocates for allocation of funds and material resources required for the work of the Service;
  • Organizes the implementation of the functions assigned to the Service by the given Statute and for this purpose submits proposals to the Rector for solving and deciding separate issues;
  • Implements other functions and tasks defined by the given Statute, the SEU Legal Acts and the Georgian legislation


Functions of the Manager of Students Affairs:

  • Registering Entrants: Receiving the necessary documents, registering students' data in the electronic system of education (, print out of the Contract, the signature and certification with the stamp.
  • Regulating students' personal affairs (accuracy of required documents)
  • Issuing the information required by the student: reference, form 26 (for submission to the military commissariat), educational card.
  • Checking the status of the student and, if necessary, write the application on the restoration of the status.
  • Print examination statements.
  • Providing information to the students regarding the financial debts.
  • Providing information on scholarship and training financing.
  • Checking and identifying students with potential scholarship and study benefits.
  • Providing information to the interested student regarding the study process.
  • Managing the documents during internal mobility and updating the data in the electronic system of education (
  • Providing information about changes in program mobility during internal mobility.
  • Recognition / comparison of student curriculum after internal mobility with relevant training program.
  • Registration of External Mobility: Comparing / Recognition of Study Card at desired educational program, entering information in the Electronic System (, printing out the contract, signing and certifying with the University seal,
  • Registration of Master Degree candidates: Receipt of necessary documents, Registration of student data (, printing out the contract, signing and certifying with the University seal, if necessary, providing the desired information.